To Engineer Desirable

and Functional Bags.

To be Resilient, Protective and Equally Attractive

Lencca Camma Mens Photography DSLR Messenger bag


Meticulously designed by an observant designer.

Passion driven to incorporate clever solutions to expand the abilities of each Lencca bag.

Lencca Mini Phlox Black Mens Womens Shopper Tote Backpack and Messenger

Every detail is scrutinized and purpose chosen
– We Stress Test & Weather Test –
to make only the best.


We appeal to the intelligence of our clients,
not just their basic instincts.


We stand behind our products. We are committed to addressing any issues.


We create with insight to address needs in relevant and significant ways.


Lencca started as an idea to cater to a new demographic of informed and active clients by engineering desirable investments through our pieces. The idea soon transformed into an international traveler in 2012.


Complete with primed materials, this line is eco-friendly and infused with superior water repellant technology inside and out. From within each piece was designed for organization and include protective qualities for use with personal and professional devices.


To appeal to more than basic instinct, the designs within our collection feature clever placement of features like TSA friendly duffels and backpacks. Protective hidden compartments, removable and convertible features, easy access zippers for messenger bags, privacy pockets and interior key clips holders  amid many more.